PCV-CPC Training

Date Month Module
Monday 25th  April 1
Tuesday 26th  April 2
Wednesday 27th  April 3
Thursday 28th  April 4
Friday 29th  April 5
Tuesday 3rd May 2
Wednesday 4th  May 3
Thursday 5th  May 4
Friday 6th  May 5
Monday 23rd May 1
Tuesday 24th  May 2
Wednesday 25th  May 3
Thursday 26th  May 4
Friday 27th  May 5
Monday 20th June 1
Tuesday 21st  June 2
Wednesday 22nd  June 3
Thursday 23rd June 4
Friday 24th  June 5
Monday 27th  June 1
Tuesday 28th  June 2
Wednesday 29th  June 3
Thursday 30th  June 4
Friday 1st  July 5
Monday 18th  July 1
Tuesday 19th  July 2
Wednesday 20th  July 3
Thursday 21st  July 4
Friday 22nd July 5
Monday 25th  July 1
Tuesday 26th  July 2
Wednesday 27th  July 3
Thursday 28th  July 4
Friday 29th  July 5
Monday 15th  August 1
Tuesday 16th  August 2
Wednesday 17th  August 3
Thursday 18th  August 4
Friday 19th  August 5
Tuesday 30th August 2
Wednesday 31st  August 3
Monday 19th September 1
Tuesday 20th  September 2
Wednesday 21st  September 3
Thursday 22nd  September 4
Friday 23rd September 5
Monday 3rd October 1
Tuesday 4th  October 2
Wednesday 5th  October 3
Thursday 6th  October 4
Friday 7th  October 5
Monday 24th  October 1
Tuesday 25th  October 2
Wednesday 26th  October 3
Thursday 27th October 4
Friday 28th  October 5
Monday 31st  October 1
Tuesday 1st November 2
Wednesday 2nd  November 3
Thursday 3rd November 4
Friday 4th November 5
Monday 14th  November 1
Tuesday 15th  November 2
Wednesday 16th  November 3
Thursday 17th  November 4
Friday 18th  November 5
Tuesday 20th  December 2
Wednesday 21st  December 3
Thursday 22nd  December 4
Friday 23rd December 5


Please call 020 3006 7259 to make a booking.
Alternatively you can use our ‘Contact Form‘. We will call you back right away!
You will need to arrive at the training venue for an 8.00am start, and bring:
Photo card and counterpart of your driving license.

Please ensure you arrive 15mins before start of the course. There is a small visitors parking area at the front of the building, if full there are several side roads free of restrictions.