LGV Training

Level 2 Certificate in Driving Goods Vehicles

This course is for drivers who hold category C and C1 on their license. This is any vehicle above 3.5 tonnes. As with the PCV course we have combined the LGV to incorporate the CPC elements which enables us to give the best price possible whilst there is funding available.

The drivers will be updating and refreshing their knowledge on the following areas:

01 Monitoring the loading of the vehicle by others

  • Prepare the vehicle for loading
  • Monitor the loading of the vehicle

02 Complete pre-driving preparations

  • Identify vehicle instruments and controls
  • Complete vehicle and safety checks
  • Complete vehicle and load documentation

03 Maintaining the safety and the security of the load, self and property

  • Identify the legal, safety and operating requirements for the vehicle and the load
  • Protect the vehicle and load from the security risks

04 Maintaining Awareness of driving conditions

  • Assess the effects of driving conditions
  • Monitor the load during driving
  • Contribute to the safety of self, vehicle, load and other road users

05 Operate the vehicle systems

  • Operate and monitor vehicle instruments and controls
  • Ensure the efficient and careful use of the vehicle

06 Driving the vehicle on public roads

  • Position the vehicle on the road
  • Control the speed of the vehicle
  • Overtake other vehicles
  • Brake the vehicle within a limited space
  • Control the vehicle in an emergency situation

07 Driving the vehicle in restricted spaces

  • Select a space for manoeuvring the vehicle
  • Manoeuvre the vehicle in restricted spaces

08 Equal Opportunity

  • Equal Opportunities and Safeguarding Vulnerable People.
  • Disability Discrimination