Customer Service Training

Customer Service NVQ Level 2

This course is aimed at any persons who work in a customer facing environment, the course is designed to improve your customer service skills for both face to face and verbal assistance.

Unit 1 – Prepare yourself to deliver good customer service

  • Describe the customer service of your organisation to customers and/or colleagues
  • Describe your organisations products or services to customers and/or colleagues

Unit 5 – Provide Customer Service within the rules

  • Follow organisations procedures
  • Follow external regulations and legislations

Unit 9 – Give customers a positive impression of yourself and your organisation

  • Establish effective rapport with customers
  • Respond appropriately to customers
  • Communicate information to customers

Unit 16 – Deal with customers face to face

  • Communicate effectively with your customer
  • Improve the rapport with your customer through body language

Unit 23 – Recognise diversity when delivering customer service

  • Use reasonable assumptions about your customers whilst avoiding stereotyping
  • Adapt customer service to recognise the different needs and expectations of diverse groups of customers

Unit 6 – Recognise and deal with customer queries, requests and problems

  • Recognise and deal with customer queries and requests
  • Recognise and deal with customer problems

Unit 36 – Develop customer relationships

  • Build your customers confidence that the service you give will be excellent
  • Meet the expectations of your customers
  • Develop the long-term relationship between your customers and your organisation